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We have customer service personnel located globally for your local benefit. For any questions or comments regarding our products, please contact our customer service and they will be able to offer and give you the best service and attention per your specific needs.



Assembly Plant

2045 Lyons Rd.
Dayton, OH 45342

Phone: +1-937-866-4080 



  ICS China

Green Yao
Customer Service
Phone: 86-13705-288211 


  ICS Mexico

Roberto Amador
Customer Service
Phone: 525555 779087 


  ICS South America

Alexandre Tessitore
Customer Service
Phone: +1-937-866-4080


  ICS Colombia

Customer Service
Phone: +1-937-866-4080


   ICS Malaysia

Nantha Kumar
Customer Service
Phone: 603-6187-9628  


  ICS South Africa

Paul Adam
Customer Service
Phone: +1-937-866-4080

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